Lee Lee

Trophy Category Trophy Description Year Won Credit To
Airport Cup Architecture More airports than SAFC 1935 Jonny Smith
More Bridges Cup Architecture Newcastle have won the more bridges in a city trophy more times than any city anywhere in the world Unknown Jonny Smith
Sponsors Cup Attire Won more sponsors on the shirt trophy 2017 Becca Gibson
European Games Cup Teams Won the "played a few times in Europe" trophy 2000ish Jonny Smith
Attendance Cup Football Won the bigger attendance than any other team trophy 1992 - present day Jonny Smith
Javier Manquillo Cup Players Javier Manquillo is a better player for NUFC than he ever was for SAFC cup 2017 Lord Glucose
Better Than Barca Cup Teams Much better than Barcelona FC cup Unknown Jonny Smith
Rafa Cup Managers Won the Rafa Benitez has won more trophies so by default NUFC is better cup 2016 Becca Gibson
Player Reveal Cup Players Won the "we're better at revealing players" cup 2017 Becca Gibson
World Cup Team Won the world cup in a non-world cup year cup 2011 Craig
Horse Punching Cup Animals Won the horse punching trophy cup. Nobody can punch a horse like a Mag 2013 Becca Gibson
Brown Ale Cup Alcohol Won the Brown Ale cup coz Sunderland doesn't have a brewery producing 17 brewed brands anymore 1927 Becca Gibson
Open Training Session Cup Teams NUFC have won the undisputed open training session cup 2017 e-Sunderland
More Corners Cup Teams NUFC have won more corners than SAFC in all derby games since football was invented cup Unknown
More Posession Cup Teams Having more posession than the opposition gives NUFC the right to 3 points. no arguments. Unknown
Better Chants Cup Fans Not quite sure on this one due to their limited vocabulary but apparently NUFC have better chants than all teams around the world Since 192? or whenever they formed Becca Gibson
Metro Choo Choo Cup Transportation Won the "Metro" choo choo cup (they've had the Metro longer than Sunderland 1980 Becca Gibson
Cathedral Cup Architecture Won the "we've got a Cathedral so we're better at football" cup 1350 Becca Gibson
Season Tickets Cup Fans Won the "we've got more season ticket holders" cup with 98,000 regularly going to every game home and away 876 BC Dean Cruddace